More than 40 young people participated in free basketball clinics with the Puente Alto Sports Club

Participants got to spend time with and learn from the professional players and coaching staff of the Puente Alto Municipal Sports Club. The initiative, organized by CMPC, seeks to encourage sports and healthy living in the children of the community.

On Saturday, December 3, Felipe Segel, age 15, got up very early. He was nervous and excited wanted to start getting ready to take part in the basketball clinics of the Puente Alto Municipal Sports Club and have his first practice session with the professional team. “For a long time I have been switching from sport to sport. I’ve figured out that basketball is the one I feel most passionate about. That’s why I wanted to come today to interact with my new teammates and try to improve my game,” he explained.

Like Felipe, more than 40 children and young people from the Puente Alto district took part in the sports clinic held by the Puente Alto Municipal Sports Club at the multi-court complex in Territorio Villa El Alba. The activity, organized by the club – currently playing in the National Basketball League – and CMPC, consisted of various activities led by the players and the professional team’s coaching staff.

At the event, the young athletes had the opportunity to get advice from top-level players and train with them as well. The activity kicked off with three workstations divided by age, each managed by a group of club players. Attendees practiced dribbling, ball control, direction changes, passes, throws and layup shots. At the end, friendly matches were held with mixed teams between the teens and professional athletes.

15-year-old Barbara Villagrán said she was very grateful for the opportunity to train with top-level players. “I’ve been attracted to basketball for a while and wanted to learn to play. I think it’s realy cool that they planned this activity, so we can get out of the house and clear our heads. I also think the opportunity to be here with the Puente Alto team is great because this way we can practice new techniques and learn a lot,” she said.

CMPC, the official sponsor of the Puente Alto Municipal Sports Club explained that the goal is to promote places for recreation and athletics. “This is important to be part of it and encourage activities like these clinics, because CMPC wants to promote healthy living among the young people in this community. Events like these let us bring the community together and create a space for interaction, which so far the residents of Puente Alto have taken full advantage of,” said CMPC Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs Francisco Torrealba.

The sports clinics were held at three locations. The first was in the neighborhood of Nocedal and Carol Urzúa on Saturday, November 19th. The second was held on the same day, at Professor Alcaino Street #1034. The last clinic was held at the multi-court complex of Territorio Villa El Alba on Saturday, December 3rd.

Founded in 2004, the Puente Alto Municipal Sports Club is in the first division of Chilean professional basketball and it’s known for training young basketball talent at the national level. It is currently directed by Pablo Ares who said, “We are always trying to bring the team to the community. We offer this kind of activity especially for young boys and girls as a callout to attract them to the sport. It is very meaningful to us that a company like CMPC that has deep roots in the Puente Alto area is able to help us with this activity.”

This is the second year that this sports activity is being offered in the district thanks to the collaboration between the Puente Alto Athletics Club and CMPC.