Committing to the people

In CMPC we recycle more than 800 thousand metrictons of paper and cardboard each year, thus protecting our planet.

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From a company at the end of the world to a company in the world

The Ñocha or Sea Holly women

The Ñocha (Eryngium paniculatum) or Sea Holly, a native plant endemic to southern Chile and …

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The value of labor inclusion

CMPC began to prepare for Chile´s new Labor Inclusion legislation about six months before it …

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CMPC 2018: A future look

We invite you to learn more about the origin of our fiber.

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The oldest trade union in Chile

Puente Alto, a south-eastern suburb of Santiago, in Chile, used to be a rural area …

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Clean energy

Can clean energy be produced, stored and delivered for household consumption? Yes, it can.

Biomass …

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From what are egg cartons made?

From newspapers.

That curious shape –of angles, protrusions and subtle porosity- is strangely linked to …

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