Committing to the people

In CMPC we care about the education of our neighbors, since we believe that quality and team work means a better future. That is why over 18 years, in Chile, CMPC Foundation has been supporting public schools to achieve better educational results, parents and tutors in the education of their children, and teachers during the teaching process.

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Clarification to press release

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Having good teachers, is having a better education

Children who learn to read faster, schools that stand out for good results in national …

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The Ñocha or Sea Holly women

The Ñocha (Eryngium paniculatum) or Sea Holly, a native plant endemic to southern Chile and …

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The value of labor inclusion

CMPC began to prepare for Chile´s new Labor Inclusion legislation about six months before it …

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Clean energy

Can clean energy be produced, stored and delivered for household consumption? Yes, it can.

Biomass …

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