To support the communities affected by the wildfires is

The wildfires that occurred in the southern area of Chile during the first days of February 2019 affected several communities, such as the locations of Cholchol, Carahue and Nueva Imperial, in the Araucanía region. That is why CMPC committed to rebuild the houses of the affected neighbors.

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To prevent wildfires is our priority

Rural fires cause great damage to the burned surface that involves vegetation, fauna, soil, water

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Having good teachers, is having a better education

Children who learn to read faster, schools that stand out for good results in national …

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We are still committed with reforestation

We are aware that the firestorm, provoked by the wildfires of 2017 in Chile, not

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CMPC announces the unification of the name of all its tissue subsidiaries

The president of the board of CMPC, Luis Felipe Gazitúa; the CEO of CMPC Francisco …

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Clarification to press release

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