Personal care

We respond to all people’s needs in child care, feminine protection and elder care categories, with high regional presence brands. Our effort is to develop more flexible products, also comfortable for the protection of our consumers, giving greater freedom of movement and a better user experience. Innovation projects focus on thickness, seeking greater thinness and softness, better fit and ecological criteria, and also that they are complementary products, and in turn, new alternatives for new needs of all consumers

    • Baby care: our baby care products are made with approximately 30% virgin fibers, they seek to deliver maximum absorption to keep babies protected, maintaining their flexibility, allowing them to grow safely, confidently and freely.

    • Elderly care: protection products for elders seek to accompany them and make their lives easier. We have feminine pads, sanitary napkins, dressings, disposable underwear, adult diapers and bed pads. The objective is to give the greatest protection by delivering high comfort and allowing effective cleaning.

    • Feminine protection: our feminine protection products seek comfort and security in each of women’s movements. They are made to have a high and fast absorption with a soft fabric that provides a fresh feeling and protection.

    • Pet care: they are Products specially designed to clean pets and facilitate collection of their waste, keeping them and your home clean.