CMPC joins the “Open Companies” initiative of the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (SOFOFA)

More than 40 residents of Puente Alto in the Metropolitan Region of Chile and Nacimiento in the Biobío Region of Chile have visited our plants as part of this initiative, during which time they got to experience up close how bioproducts are produced and strengthen the connection between the company and society.

This past Saturday was a unique one for our neighbors in Puente Alto in the Metropolitan Region and Nacimiento in the Biobío Region of Chile, as they participated in the Open Enterprises initiative, organized by the Manufacturing Development Corporation (SOFOFA), of which CMPC is a member. Dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE), they arrived at our production plants first thing in the morning to see first-hand how work gets done at the company.  

SOFOFA’s purpose is to promote a country wherein corporations are connected to society and help make people feel proud of the work their companies do in an environment of freedom, prosperity and peace. That’s why this initiative was promoted under the framework of the 140th anniversary, in which local residents had the opportunity to learn more about our industry and company.  

This valuable initiative brings us even closer to our communities. Everyone enjoyed the tour, appreciated the experience, and now understand even more about our bioproducts. CMPC Community Relations Department Head Martín Covacevich praised the initiative and said, “Initiatives like these with the community are always very good and neighbors appreciate it a lot, but they are also very enriching for our collaborators who are proud of their work and like to see that local neighbors get excited about the work they do. It reaffirms their commitment to what we’re doing here.”