Away from home

We deliver professional and integral solutions to companies and institutions and all types of businesses, focused on high quality hygiene and cleaning, innovation and efficiency, with products such as toilet paper, napkins and paper towels; dispensers, alcohol gel and soaps, as well as medical sheets, and, starting this year, face masks.

  • Professional: our Away From Home business products provide integral hygiene and cleaning solutions for all types of business, company or industry; delivering high product quality, innovation and service so that each of our customers has a complete hygienic solution. Starting in 2019, we established a dispenser recovery system, made primarily of plastic. These did not previously have a reuse solution, but nowadays they can have a second useful life.
    From Away From Home, we take charge of the product’s withdrawal at our customers’ facilities and use the material to make new dispensers

  • Face masks: aware of the relevance of using face masks to protect us from coronavirus contagion, at the beginning of 2020, we proposed to manufacture them in five countries in the region and we have fulfilled the promise of donating 15 million of these elements in Latin America, through health services and available to all companies that need to care for and protect their workers.
    In addition, in order to ensure an adequate and recognized standard, Elite Professional uses the European standard EN 14683:2019.
    According to studies carried out, the masks we manufacture can be classified as Type I and can be used by patients and other people to reduce the risk of spreading infections.