Recyclable Packaging

Through CMPC Biopackaging’s different businesses: Corrugated, Boxboard, Sack Kraft, and Edipac, the company manufactures sustainable packaging solutions for carrying and transporting our customers’ products, preserving all their quality. The above is achieved through the use of virgin and recycled fibers. These operations are present in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, and globally, we are present in 71 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania, through a network of sales representatives.


CMPC Boxboard manufactures cardboard of different weights, serving the mass consumption, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Cellulose and virgin radiata pine fiber are used in these products, which provide an optimum grammage/rigidity ratio with comparative efficiency advantages. Boxboard Valdivia also incorporates recycled raw materials (cardboard offcuts). 

Sacks and Bags

Using 100% virgin Radiata Pine fiber, from which unbleached kraft pulp is obtained for the manufacture of Sack Kraft paper and other advanced stationery processes that allow for lighter packaging, with excellent resistance, handling, and porosity indexes. Sack Kraft paper is used to produce multiwall sacks, industrial sacks, and spouts, providing total stability and continuity in supply. In this way, it is possible to adjust and enhance our raw materials’ quality according to our customers’ requirements, mainly serving the construction materials manufacturing industry.

Corrugated Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

The corrugated paper used in manufacturing boxes responds to mechanical requirements of resistance to stacking, handling, and preservation of the transport of products to their destination. For this purpose, a range of paper types and weights are used for each technical need.

  • Liner Blanco are two-ply papers. The outer layer comprises virgin bleached cellulose fibers from pine and eucalyptus, which allows high-quality printing due to its smoothness, cleanliness, and white quality. The reverse side is made of 100% recycled fiber (DKL);
  • Liner Cordillera are papers produced with 100% recycled fiber, processed in modern plants that allow excellent cleaning and fractioning of the fibers.


At the same time, graphic and kraft paper is also produced in Guaiba (Brazil).

Molded Pulp

CMPC Corrugados produces molded pulp trays and sustainable packaging made from virgin and recycled fibers for carrying and transporting products from fruit, vegetable, and other industries. The molded pulp comes from newsprint fiber, and, given its scarcity, alternative fibers have been identified and validated to replace this material in production recipes

Paper Bags and Distribution

CMPC Edipac is the leading paper and cardboard distributor in Chile, responsible for marketing products manufactured by other CMPC BioPackaging subsidiaries and imported products from prestigious international companies. At the same time, paper bags are manufactured through this business with handles made with raw material from Cordillera. In the particular case of the handles, they are imported from Brazil and certified.