Innovation is essential for generating value for customers and consumers, streamlining their processes and helping build a more sustainable environment. In this context, we aim to project ourselves over the next century by implementing bio-solutions that meet market needs at the right time.

Covering people’s most genuine needs is an ongoing challenge for CMPC as well as a continuous opportunity for innovation, generating value for customers and consumers in a way that improves their quality of life.


With this end in mind, we have committed ourselves to concrete goals of developing innovative practices and products that will guide our actions in the upcoming years.


of process improvements by 2025 must come from innovation, digital transformation and data utilization.


of the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals must be achieved through innovation and new or disruptive technologies for CMPC by 2025.


of sales by 2025 must come from new and innovative products, businesses or business models.

Innovation News

Sustainable packaging for pet food

There are more than 12 million dogs and cats in Chile, and thousands of bags of discarded pet food ends up in landfills, on the street and in the sea. Animal food packaging has to protect the fat content, so it requires several layers of different materials to preserve the texture and flavor.

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We are dedicated to Innovation

On Thursday, August 18th, CMPC Companies through CMPC Ventures officially opened its new offices in Finland.

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The cardboard container that aims to eliminate plastic from delivery

CMPC through Boxboard has developed a cardboard container called Natural Kraft with a Fats Barrier. It aims to replace plastics in the fast food and food delivery industries.

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CMPC Ventures

This independent investment vehicle has been connecting CMPC with the most relevant innovation ecosystems around the world since 2020 through its relationships with start-ups, scientific and technology-based innovation and business centers, as well as technology developers worldwide.

Making all of CMPC's resources and capabilities available for global entrepreneurship, this venture catalyst aims to launch both start-ups and innovation itself inside the company. Its focus is on companies, technologies and entrepreneurs from anywhere on the planet that are linked to textile manufacturing, sustainable packaging, sustainable construction and new uses for wood, lignin biomaterial and nano-cellulose, and also digital solutions and circular business models that strategically connect with our fibers and forests.

CMPC Ventures is an integral part of CMPC's innovation and growth strategy, bringing a futuristic and disruptive vision, which catalyzes the construction of new sustainable businesses going forward, always taking a global perspective.


This has a double benefit. Firstly, companies increase their competitiveness by incorporating talent, technologies that are often disruptive, receiving value in a way that is quite agile. Secondly, start-ups validate their solutions and have access to the entire corporate network, thus producing commercial traction while enabling their pathway toward scaling up thanks to collaborative work with the company's ecosystem.


Strong By Form

This company is developing additive manufacturing technologies based on wood chips. Its "Woodflow" technology combines materials science, digital optimization and robotic manufacturing, and enables the use of wood-based composites for ultra-light, high-performance applications. Proper control over the architecture of the form and the material manages to produce structural parts adapted to tension, capable of making the most of wood’s performance possibilities, optimizing its behavior to be structurally competitive with concrete and steel.

What is Strong By Form's contribution to more sustainable construction?

  • Architectural design and construction based on wood reduce the intensive use of cement and steel, two materials that are not very environmentally friendly.
  • Structural bio-composite shells aim to make wood a real use possibility where it is hasn't been before now
  • By optimizing materials utilization, energy inputs from the production side to the associated logistics costs all get reduced.
  • One of this technology’s objectives is more efficient use of forest resources for structural elements.


An intrapreneurship that began in 2021 in the Biopackaging department of CMPC. It is considered to be a spin-off since this start-up was created and accelerated internally. It is an online platform for buying and selling sustainable packaging products for the Mexican market, which brings together supply and demand in single place both efficiently and safely.

What benefits does Boxia offer?

  • More than 90% of the companies working with Boxia, both buyers and producers, are SMEs, which helps develop this key segment of the Mexican economy.
  • It facilitates access to sustainable packaging products for SMEs and promotes their digital transformation.
  • It helps with the progressive replacement of unsustainable packaging, so it is a direct benefit for sustainability.


At the beginning of 2022, CMPC sealed an agreement with the start-up Nordic Bioproducts, a spin-off of Aalto University in Finland that successfully developed Norratex, a new cellulose-based textile fiber, which is positioned as a sustainable alternative to common textile fibers.

With the Nordic Bioproducts method, cellulose is first processed in an ecologically sound and cost-effective way into small particle cellulose using the patented AaltoCell method, after which the fiber is further processed into a viscose-like textile fiber.

What benefits does Norratex provide to the environment?

  • No toxic chemicals or expensive solvents are used in its manufacture.
  • Fibers can be manufactured from by-products of the forestry industry, such as textile waste and cellulose.