Socio-environmental impacts

CMPC submits its projects to evaluation, as appropriate, by environmental management instruments established by institutions and local legislation. This is to comply with current regulations for the evaluation, declaration and mitigation of socio-environmental impacts that a project or activity may generate.

Once projects are approved and are in the operational phase and/or industrial plants are in operation, the company takes charge of strictly complying with the different regulations and legal obligations, commitments and certifications assumed, preventing and managing environmental aspects, impacts and risks, and generating capacities that ensure operational excellence and continuity. The following table shows the environmental fines for the last 4 years.

Environmental fines by amount and percentage in USD

2017 2018 2019 2020
Amount % Amount % Amount % Amount %
                    – 0.0%               – 0.0%    57,871 8.6% 0.0%

Note 1: Fines reported are those paid during the period that amounted to over USD 10,000.

Note 2: In the 2020 Integrated Report, the declared environmental fine corresponds to a sanitary fine.