Recovered and recycled paper and cardboard

Within CMPC Biopackaging, the flow of fibers occurs between its four subsidiaries, especially oriented to Corrugados business; it is a specific application of circular economy where waste is used, rather by-products from one subsidiary for production on another, and where Fibras plays a fundamental role: it recovers the final market product for the subsidiaries. Specifically, through this business fiber waste is purchased: recycled cardboard (OCC), DKL, and duplex, which is done nationwide through generators (especially retail) and collectors. This fiber is selected and transformed into recycled paper bales. CMPC Biopackaging plants, Sack Kraft Chillán and Argentina, Cordillera, and Softys, Talagante, Puente Alto, Altamira, Gachancipá and Pando directly import recycled paper.

Recovered and recycled paper and cardboard in t

  2019 2020
CMPC Biopackaging 523,907.35   497,158.32  
Domestic recycled paper (third parties) 288,626.00 55.09% 228,199.66 45.90%
Imported recycled paper 12,310.48 2.35% 46,661.84 9.39%
Recycled Paper (Sorepa) 193,907.58 37.01% 192,959.65 38.81%
Cut-outs (Printed Packaging) 28,845.28 5.51% 29,337.17 5.90%
Cut-outs (Maule) 218,00 0.04%
Softys 537,413.58   452,649,.3  
Domestic recycled paper (third parties) 209,686.76 39.02% 179,533.73 39.66%
Imported recycled paper 160,851.21 29.93% 160,278.19 35.41%
Recycled Paper (Sorepa) 166,874.62 31.5% 166,874.62 24.93%

Actual recycling in t

  2019 2020
Total 669,053.92   619,928.05
Third parties 279,208.44 41.73% 284,793.43 45.94%
Interplant 29,063.28 4.34% 29,337.17 4.73%
Sorepa and Fibras 360,782.20 53.92% 305,797.46 49.33%

Waste recovery through agents in t

  2019 2020
Total 392,266,.1   329,880.00
Fibras 296,941.01 75.70% 259,763.00 78.74%
Sorepa Perú 88,251.00 22.50% 70,117.00 21.26%
Softys Argentina -Wilde 7,074,.0 1.80% 0.00 0.00%

If you wish to know the details of our non-hazardous waste treatment methods, please visit: Environmental field/Waste/Value increase


Once collected, Fibras –as agent– sends bales to the paper production plants, such as Cordillera, and to the molding production plants, Chimolsa. At the same time, the recycled paper production plant sends said raw material to the cardboard packaging production plants. Also, cardboard waste produced in the packaging plants is wrapped at each packaging plant and sent to be re-processed at the paper production and molded pulp production plants. Also, there are direct cut-outs transfers from Boxboard Maule, Envases Impresos Osorno, Tiltil and Buin to Cordillera and/or Moldeados.