President of CMPC is recognized in the Circle of Honor of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Chile

Recognized for his more than 25 years of career leading various companies, Luis Felipe Gazitúa was distinguished with the FEN Alumni Award from the University of Chile. With this honor, the President of CMPC becomes a part of the institution’s Circle of Honor where he graduated as a commercial engineer.

Luis Felipe Gazitúa graduated 48 years ago from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEN) at the University of Chile with a degree in commercial engineering. He mentioned that he entered the institution because he considered it important to have contact with a more diverse world and with the real world. Currently, he is also a part of the Business Advisory Council at FEN, where he supports the university’s efforts to align with the needs of the business world and the country’s economic policies.

This week, the institution that provided him with the tools for his professional development decided to recognize the President of CMPC and include him in the FEN Alumni Circle of Honor for 2023. This award, granted by the faculty since 1995, aims to distinguish the professional excellence of its most prominent and outstanding alumni on the national stage.

That is why, on November 16th, at the FEN Alumni Annual Meeting, Luis Felipe Gazitua will receive the award in the Administration category, which acknowledges his seven years leading CMPC and his two decades as an executive in the controlling group of the company.

This award reflects the daily and constant effort of each member of CMPC in their roles. The fact that I am receiving this recognition is thanks to the commitment of our teams over more than 100 years, which has allowed CMPC to excel both in Chile and abroad,” stated Gazitua, who was also honored in April as the “Executive of the Year” by EY and the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio.