All the processes of our operations, as well as the products we develop, are focused on people's well-being, expectations, and needs. This is key to contributing to care, reaching with high quality and innovation to all our customers and consumers, meeting all the requirements, and always moving beyond and adding value.


Our wood, cellulose, wood products, paper, and paper products, as well as packaging and mass consumer and personal care products, use natural and renewable raw materials from productive forests or certified plantations. In their production, we pay special attention to the principles of circular bioeconomics, with which we aspire to continue growing in efficiency, innovation, quality, and, of course, sustainability.


Our industrial processes are based on operating with raw materials of natural origin, and our products -most of them- are biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. This condition of origin allows us to make industrial applications of biotechnology and, thus, permanently improve the environmental attributes of all our production while exploring new and innovative possibilities for the future.


We operate based on sustainable raw materials from certified productive forests and the entire Chain of Custody. This way, we ensure traceability, avoid controversial sources, and promote the circular economy based on valorization and recovery of byproducts.


We are inspired by the well-being of all people and our communities in all the countries where we operate. Through our subsidiary Softys, we provide care, protection, and autonomy for every stage of life: babies, women, and the elderly. We also generate mass consumer products that deliver the maximum softness and performance needed in the household for personal hygiene and cleaning tasks. Simultaneously, and for all types of businesses and industries, we seek to be the best hygiene and cleaning solution. In short, both inside and outside the home, contributing to improving everyone's quality of life is our driving force. We invite you to get to know our products: