Consumer Tissue

We have certified tissue paper products for mass consumption that stand out for their high quality, softness, and performance in hygiene and cleaning tasks, maintaining the best absorption, softness, performance, and design.

We are also constantly searching for new hygiene solutions through integrated products that allow better performance, both in price and quality, focused on greater efficiency and economy of the product and, with all this, the generation of more sustainable solutions. The development of scents and designs are, for Softys, differentiating elements.

  • Toilet paper: our toilet papers are made with the purest virgin and recycled tissue paper fibers and an exclusive manufacturing process that gives its sheets a high smoothness.

  • Paper towels: the production of our paper towels is oriented to provide maximum absorption and softness in household chores. They are made from virgin and recycled fibers.

  • Napkins: we constantly innovate in the production of napkins to deliver maximum softness, quality, and design, through colors and embossing to accompany every moment.

  • Handkerchiefs: we produce handkerchiefs and facial tissues that work with an exclusive formulation that combines softness and resistance. They are made with tissue paper fibers and softening lotions that give special care to the skin.