The virtuous cycle of our forests, located in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, begins in the nurseries and continues with the sustainable forest management of productive forests or forest plantations, the conservation of native forests, and the conservation and protection of watersheds, their reforestation, and restoration. At the same time, we work intensively on the prevention of rural fires. We are also committed to not working with genetically modified organisms.


Our operations are supplied mainly by surface and groundwater, and to a lesser extent, by public supply networks. In production processes, the water management cycle begins with efficiently using the resource, minimizing losses, and providing adequate treatment to safeguard the quality of the water that is returned to the ecosystems.


Given the nature of the forestry, pulp, and paper industry, at CMPC, we work based on an energy matrix with a significant contribution of renewable energies, black liquor being the primary source.


We seek to be part of the solution to climate change and understand the impacts along our value chain as the starting point for effectively managing our carbon footprint. Our contribution starts with carbon capture from our forestry plantations, renewable energy generation, and the carbon contained in our products.


The waste from our production processes is handled with special care, following all the current regulations and the circular economy principles. Thus, we have focused on reducing and valorizing waste, seeking synergies between subsidiaries to transform them into byproducts, recovering them, recycling them, and, in other cases, valorizing them through innovation.