Sustainable construction

We aspire to add value to our social and environmental environment, rural and urban, through the production and marketing of wood and wooden products, through its production in three sawmills: Bucalemu, Mulchén and Nacimiento; two remanufacturing plants, Coronel and Los Ángeles; and a plywood plant –Plywood– in Collipulli, all of these operations in Chile. In this way, we contribute to the sustainability of our settlements and cities, both indoors and outdoors, as well as industrial packaging.

Sawn wood

CMPC Radiata Pine sawn wood comes from forests with certified sustainable forest management. Products have uniform quality, high stability, great resistance and various finishes to facilitate their final use and/or transformation, offering a highly versatile solution, key to developments in the industrial, construction and distribution sectors.

Remanufactured wood

CMPC Radiata Pine moldings and panels are high manufacture quality products, versatile and with great dimensional stability. They have an appropriate density and excellent implementation properties that allow optimal use in various construction projects, bringing the best of wood to different projects around the world.

Plywood boards

Plywood boards are built using veneers from pruned pieces, generating superior appearance, with high resistance and rigidity. In the process, phenol-formaldehyde adhesive is used, an environmentally responsible material that allows use, both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing high durability and offering a versatile solution for different applications: furniture, construction and packaging.