Our mission is to produce and sell premium fibers in a sustainable manner that is competitive and adds value to shareholders, customers, and consumers. Within CMPC Pulp’s strategic axis, excellence is the key to being a global reference, focusing on growth. We have competitive advantages and development opportunities, with a deep knowledge of the markets and our customers’ trends.

  • CMPC Laja and Pacífico BSKP pulps are known worldwide as versatile pulps with consistent characteristics. They are used as raw materials in various products, from printing and writing paper (coated and uncoated) to paperboard, tissue papers, and other specialty products.
  • CMPC BEKP cellulose is known worldwide and recognized for its ability to yield good formation, smoothness, high opacity, and exceptionally high bulk; and is used as a raw material in a variety of products, from printing and writing papers (coated and uncoated) to paperboard, high-quality tissue papers, and other specialty products.
  • Guaíba pulp is a good representative of Brazilian pulp, exhibiting medium to high levels of bulk, strength, porosity, and excellent opacity, which can be used in multiple segments—known for providing tissue papers with smoothness and bulkiness in advanced paper machine configurations, such as multi-layer input box and structured patterned wipes.
  • Santa Fe pulp has high tensile strength in the desirable range of porosity. Due to this unique characteristic, it occupies privileged niches in specialty products.

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At the same time, the quality of the processes is also guaranteed through certifications that support the correct performance of Sustainable Forest Management, Chain of Custody, and Controlled Wood, as well as the different Management Systems. The above ensures quality and safety in operations, as well as in the products we sell and the byproducts we value.

Calidad y excelencia ambiental en todo
nuestro ciclo de producción

 Celulosa’s production holds EU Ecolabel and Nordic Ecolabel approvals for the Pacifico, Santa Fe, and Guaíba plants, guaranteeing quality and environmental excellence throughout its production cycle, complying with management criteria for products and services established by the European Commission. These follow high environmental standards, including waste management, quality control of air emissions and effluents, efficient use of fuel and electricity, and certified wood and chemical products in concentrations that do not harm health and the environment.

Estándares de Certificación Forestal

All Celulosa’s forestry operations and industrial plants are certified in Sustainable Forest Management, Quality Management, Chain of Custody, and Controlled Wood, except for Bosques del Plata, in Argentina, which operates with Environmental Management System certification but based on forestry certification standards.

Certificaciones de calidad

All BioPackaging and Softys plants have the necessary certifications to operate according to the industry and location, such as Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood; Quality Management System, ISO 9.001; Environmental Management System ISO 14.001; Food Safety Isega, and ISO 22.001.

For more details about all the certifications to which we adhere, please visit our section Certifications