Women from the Alhuelemu community of Mulchén receive gifts of women’s self-care products

CMPC donated 300 packages to a group of women on International Women’s Day who have lost their homes in the fires in south-central Chile. The ceremony was attended by government authorities and residents.

The reconstruction process is ongoing after fires hit south-central Chile in February for the community of Alhuelemu located 20 kilometers south of Mulchén in the Biobío Region, which is made up of more than 100 families. This season, 22 houses and their contents were destroyed in addition to burned wineries, orchards, and crops and lost animals as a result of the rural fires.

CMPC gifted 300 women’s kits containing products of its Softys subsidiary under the framework of International Women’s Day to those affected by the catastrophe in the Alhuelemu community. The event was attended by the Provincial Presidential Delegate of Biobío Paulina Purrán Purrán, Mulchén Mayor Jorge Rivas Figueroa, the Regional Director of Conadi (National Corporation for Indigenous Development) in Biobío Iván Carilao Ñanco, Head of Softys Provincial Projects for Latin America Bernardita Friz and Karin Pacheco, Head of Community Relations at CMPC Mulchén.

The authorities at the ceremony agreed on the importance of working in coordination for the direct benefit of community residents. Local Mayor Jorge Riva said, “We are grateful to CMPC for its active role in these circumstances, because women are hardworking and sacrificing, and they need all possible support.”

Presidential Delegate of the Province of Biobío Paulina Purrán detailed the actions carried out so far. “Together with CMPC we have deployed in this sector as well as all of the districts affected by the fires. There is a very coordinated, collaborative effort between public services and private companies going on as well. We’d like to call attention to the work of CMPC in supporting the families that have been affected by the fires and their properties that they used to work in one way or another for subsistence. We are also going to carry out this task collaboratively since it is very important that these processes be done jointly,” she said.

Francisca Paillacán Paillacán, president of the Alhuelemu community, highlighted the role of the forestry company. “Help is always welcome. Today perhaps is somewhat different, and we’ve had the chance to get together now that the emergency has ended, commemorating this important day for women. It is very important to continue with this prevention group created for them to participate on,” she said.

Head of Social Projects at Softys Bernardita Friz said, “We have a clear purpose, which is to deliver the best care on a day-to-day basis at every stage of people’s lives. We have set up and developed a social investment project called Softys Contigo that has three pillars, one of which is timely assistance. Therefore, what we seek is to make care and cleanliness our social purpose, which is why we are here on Women’s Day offering our care. Those who care for others also need to be taken care of.”

Head of Community Relations at CMPC Karin Pacheco said, “This product provision adds to the aid plan that is underway in the community. The women of the Alhuelemu community have been very important to our relationship. In fact, 12 women from there started working this season as firefighters on the prevention side. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t go very far because of the catastrophe that the fire produced.”

This donation is part of a support plan by CMPC, which began with the delivery of 1,000-liter water ponds, hay bales for animals and food boxes for families.