February 1, 2019

We are aware that the firestorm, provoked by the wildfires of 2017 in Chile, not only significantly affected the flora and fauna of the country, it  also generated a great crisis for the preservation of native vegetation. That is why CMPC proposed that year to the community to reach a great goal: to donate 500 thousand plants for reforestation.

To achieve that goal, we continue working to recover the heritage affected by the catastrophe, and to help to repopulate the affected areas. Thus, CMPC already distributed a total of 298,776 native plants -160 thousand in 2017 and 138,776 in 2018- to various organizations and more than 90 communities, such as Fundación Reforestemos,  University of Chile, Predio Pantanillo; in addition to schools, groups of beekeepers, municipalities, neighborhood associations, among others. By 2019, the company estimated that about 150 thousand more plants will be donated.

In order to carry out the distribution of the plants, they all are previously cultivated in the Carlos Douglas nursery of CMPC, located in the Biobío region. There we have planted 49 different species, for example, Arrayán, Boldo, Canelo, Roble, Ruil, Matico, Litre, Radal, Laurel, among others.

Of those 49 species, the ones that CMPC has donated the most have been the Quillay with an amount of 74,613 plants, the Hualo with 20,925 and the Peumo with 12,582.