June 14, 2022

From this Thursday, June 9th, the short story contest “Araucanía en 100 palabras” invites all the inhabitants of the region, regardless of age, to write stories in Spanish and Mapudungun, addressing life in the region in a maximum of 100 Words. The fourth version of the literary contest will feature a series of novelties and is presented by Fundación Plagio and CMPC.


After two years of online activities as a result of the pandemic, “Araucanía en 100 palabras” introduces a new edition of its short story contest with workshops and free face-to-face meetings with renowned national and local writers, focused on audiences of all ages. Therefore, this morning students of the Municipal School F485 of Truf Truf of Padre Las Casas, participated in a short story workshop by the writer and editor Camila Valenzuela.

“As Fundación Plagio we are happy and looking forward to introduce a new edition of “Araucanía en 100 Palabras”, a valuable space for meeting, participation, creativity and dialogue, essential for the context we are experiencing. In this edition we will have various face-to-face activities that will allow us to meet, share and encourage the inhabitants of the region to participate in the contest, capturing their stories and experiences”, comments Soledad Camponovo, General Coordinator of Fundación Plagio.

Since 2019 “Araucanía en 100 palabras” has received more than13,000 stories from all the districts of the region, among which are Angol, Loncoche, Padre Las Casas, Temuco and Villarrica. Also noteworthy is the sending of stories from Ercilla, Lonquimay and Nueva Imperial. The contest has awarded in its three editions to 27 authors and authors; has published 300 stories and distributed 30,000 copies of the book for free with the best 100 stories of each edition.

“At CMPC we are proud to once again present “Araucanía en 100 palabras”, a unique contest in the region that encourages people of all ages to write and read. We believe that through projects like this we can impact our community by providing tools and spaces for its development”, emphasizes Ignacio Lira, Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs at Empresas CMPC.


New edition of the contest

Under the motto “Writing is also mobilizing, transforming, changing, transiting, traveling”, the IV version of “Araucanía en 100 palabras” will be open from Thursday, June 9th to September 9th. During the call, there will be a cycle of face-to-face and free meetings called “Writing is also…”, which will feature exponents from various disciplines who will share their experience to create.

In addition, this year free creative writing workshops will be held in establishments in the region. If you are a teacher and you are interested in holding a workshop in your educational establishment, you can request one through this form. Along with this, you can also request books with the 100 best stories for your school here.

“Araucanía en 100 palabras” will award nine prizes: $1,000,000 for the First Place winning story, $250,000 for the Young Talent Award, the Best Story Award in Mapudungun and the Major Talent Award, while the Children’s Talent Award will receive a library valued at $250,000. In addition, they will be delivered $250,000 to each of the four honorable mentions.

On the other hand, the educational establishment that sends the most stories will receive as a prize the visit of an outstanding national writer and a library of contemporary Chilean literature.

The nine stories selected along with other stories will be part of the book with the best 100 stories of “Araucanía en 100 palabras”, which is published every year.

In this IV version of the contest, the jury in charge of choosing the winning stories will be made up of the outstanding national writers María José Ferrada, María José Navia and Consuelo Martínez.

For more information on how to participate in “Araucanía en 100 palabras” and the next activities to be performed, go to www.araucaniaen100palabras.cl.