The CMPC – Duoc UC Nacimiento campus begins its first academic year with more than 200 students enrolled

There are still spots open for enrollment in degree programs such as Logistics Management Technician, People Management Technician, Administration Technician, Computer Programmer Analyst, Electromechanical Maintenance Technician and Electrical and Industrial Automation Technician.

This Monday the first generation of professional technicians at the new CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento campus began its academic year. This new, modern educational institution in the Biobío Region in central Chile will improve access to professional education for residents of the surrounding areas, who won’t have to leave their homes to travel to large cities for schooling.

The first students arrived for the beginning of the academic year, reaching up to Julio Hemmelmann Street No. 200. During the opening week the program directors will be delivering information regarding the curricular layout of the seven available programs of study. Also, over the course of this week students will get to familiarize themselves with the campus premises including the state-of-the-art rooms, technological laboratories, library, multi-court, amphitheater, cafeteria, and more.

Mauricio Vidal (49 years old) is one of the students who came to campus on Monday. He’s a Nacimiento resident enrolled in the career of Corporate and Business Administration Technician. “My children, who are already professionals, brought up the possibility of studying something. I already have a family business and the option of doing something for myself seemed like a good idea since I couldn’t do it when I finished high school. Studying here in Nacimiento motivated me because it’s close by and gives me sufficient time.” 
Vidal said he can fulfill his dream of studying, with the addes bonus of proximity to home and work. “I had never gone to an institution of higher education, so this is a new challenge. I hope that this campus is a great addition to the community, which really needs it. I hope that everything goes spectacularly so I can keep growing in life.”

Another case is that of Nadia Riquelme (32 years old) from Negrete who will be in the People Management Technician program. On her first day of school, she recounts her motivation due to the quality of the directors and professors as well as the other students who have decided to take on the challenge of continuing their education. “It’s a really pleasant environment, which motivates me a lot. My expectation is that just like me, who will give all my energy, the institution will give us the tools we need to pursue our degrees with professionalism.” Regarding infrastructure, she said, “It is nothing like the spaces in Santiago made out of cement. The structures are built from wood. It’s all quite rustic and typical of the area. It’s very beautiful.”

Deputy Director of the CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento Campus Pablo Briones Kloss explained that academic activities began on Monday, March 6th, prioritizing the welcoming of students, showing them the campus, and connecting them with one another and their teachers. “The program directors were delivering information regarding the curriculum and recreational activities with the student development department,” he said.

Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs of CMPC Felipe Alveal said, “We’re at the beginning of a new opportunity for the people of Nacimiento and its surroundings. They get to study close to their families and jobs with transportation provided by the same institution for everyone coming in from other districts. A new era is starting for all local residents and an improved quality of life, better job prospects with study programs in line with available positions. We are very happy to be able to bring this dream to life, a dream we believe is shared by the residents of the Biobío and Malleco provinces.”

For his part, José Meneses, Director of the School of Engineering and Informatics, explained that on the first day, “The students’ motivation was palpble, a day we’ve longed for and prepared for. We invited people who haven’t yet decided to opt for a technical career to get more information since they can enroll until March 31st.

About the offer, Technician in Electricity and Industrial Automation, is one of the careers that has a few remaining spots. Just like the other programs taught on campus, it’s dual modality with a training model in alliance with CMPC, letting students interact in a real work environment from the very first semester.

The other programs with vacancies are Electricity and Industrial Automation Technician (day and evening schedules) with less than 10 spots open and Electro-mechanical Maintenance Technician (day and evening schedules) with less than 5 spots open. In addition, there are spaces open in Administration Technician (day and evening schedules), Computer Programmer Analyst (daytime), Logistics Management Technician (evening) and People Management Technician (daytime).

This new institute offers the chance to study in a 3,500 square meter modern infrastructure project. Get more information at