CMPC awards scholarships to students at the Nacimiento Campus in Chile

The CMPC Higher Education Scholarship was created to help students obtain necessary supplies and technological equipment, pay for transportation, and assist with the general expenses incurred by the 27 students who will receive this aid to pursue their university studies.

 Yordy Martínez is a father of two and works as a driver for a forestry crew, which this season has been building dikes and dissipators after the fires of the past summer. Meanwhile, in the evening he studies at the CMPC – Duoc UC Nacimiento campus, a center for professional technical education located in the Biobío Region of south-central Chile. As a student in the Business Administration degree program, he has to travel 68 kilometers every day from his community of Chanquin Millaray de Collipulli over to Nacimiento.

But Yordy is one of those who says every sacrifice is worth it and it’s possible to both work and study if one truly wants to. He also believes that his efforts today and achievements during high school enabled him to be one of the beneficiaries of the company’s scholarship program for students at the CMPC – Duoc UC Nacimiento campus.

The scholarships were given to 27 students residing in the districts of Nacimiento, Collipulli, Laja and Purén, localities of the Biobío and La Araucanía regions in an effort to reward these students’ excellent academic performance during high school. Thus, this recognition seeks to help pay for the transportation expenses to and from the institution and to help them have sufficient funds to buy the supplies they’ll need over the course of their education from notebooks to computers. They are also designed so that the beneficiaries can afford expenses related to photocopying and printing texts and study material.

Yordy Martínez appreciates being one of the recipients. “The scholarship is very important to me because I don’t have sufficient funds to study on my own. I have to pay for fees, study apparel, formal clothing, transporation, and I also have to work to support my family. But anything can be done with family support, and the financial aid of the scholarship makes it that much better because it lightens the burden. So now we just have to keep putting in that hard work.”

Segundo Valdebenito is another scholarship recipient in the Computer Programmer Analyst program. Thanks to the scholarship he can buy a new computer. “Getting this scholarship is a great opportunity for me and my family. Since my chosen course of study is so computational, I have to practice constantly. Without this I couldn’t practice outside of classes because I didn’t have my own computer or sufficient materials. Now I can buy a computer with the scholarship money so I can study and practice at home,” Valdebenito said.

Likewise, the student from Laja said that the CMPC Higher Education Scholarship “is a huge help and relief to my family because my tuition is only partially covered, so in addition to the first big investment that will be a computer, when the cost-free portion of my studies has ended, this scholarship will help me continue to pay for my tuition.”

According to CMPC Corporate Affairs Director in Nacimiento Cristian Cuitiño, “The CMPC Higher Studies Scholarships for 2023 seek to effectively help alleviate the economic burdens that higher education entails.”

Furthermore, Cuitiño said that the company’s aim is for the initiative to “be an opportunity for students to have easier access to all the study material they’ll need to purchase. We are certain that this scholarship will cover this type of expenses so that they can concentrate all their efforts on being able to study and complete their chosen degree programs at the CMPC – Duoc UC Nacimiento campus.”