CMPC 2019 Fund aided 361 social organizations

The CMPC Celulosa Bosques-Madera FEO (Forest Executive Officer), Eduardo
Hernández stated, “Today we award these funds to different initiatives of our
neighbors in counties from Constitución to Loncoche. People were happy to receive
these funds; and what I mostly recognize is how happy each of them was, seeing that
their projects had been considered by the company”.

The purpose of the fourth edition of the CMPC Fund is to contribute to improve
thequality of life of neighbors who live close to the company’s forestry and industrial
operations, providing advice, training and economic support to social organizations
which submit projects that benefit directly their communities.

Hugo Inostroza, Major of the Nacimiento County said, “ I am happy of being part of
this ceremony that benefited more than 360 organizations, where the company, as a
good neighbor, has invested a significant amount of money. Citizens regard this fund
as an alternative to obtain resources to develop their initiatives. We are very happy
and grateful to the company”.

During the present 2019, the CMPC Fund has expanded its geographical and
investment coverage, allocating close to Ch$ 290 million to fund innovative initiatives
framed in the three purposes established by the company: Create, live together and

Lucia Maldonado Reyes, member of the Piutri First People Santa Ema Community in
Collipulli, said ,“our project is related to a furnace to heat up the place where we
produce our pottery, we are very happy with this aid given to us by the company , this
will help to improve our work”.

On this occasion, the benefited counties were: Constitución and Empedrado, in the
Maule region; Cañete, Contulmo, Laja, Los Ángeles, Mulchén, Nacimiento, Santa
Bárbara, San Rosendo, Tucapel and Yumbel in the Biobío region; Angol, Carahue,
Collipulli, Ercilla, Lumaco, Loncoche, Renaico, Toltén, Tirúa, and Victoria counties, in
the Araucania region.

“As elderly people, we don’t have the resources to buy what we need. I am very happy
as we will be able to buy a refrigerator to store things for when we meet, I am grateful
to the company for this support”, Eliana Conejero, member of the Quidico Elderly Club,

The CMPC Fund allocated in this fourth edition resourcesup to one million pesos for
each submitted project. During these last 3 years, we have successfully implemented,

more than 700 innovative initiatives in areas such as: community space, environment,
conservation, and the environment and social innovation.