February 3, 2008

The Board of Empresas CMPC approved the implementation and dissemination of a manual Management Information of Interest to the market, according to the provisions of General Rule No. 30 and 211 of the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance. This manual sets a standard of CMPC to order, guide and advise the management of information.

The contents of the Manual refers to any information that the character of uncoated material fact is useful for a proper financial analysis of CMPC and its subsidiaries or securities issued by them.

It is understood in this concept all information of a legal, economic or financial concerns relevant aspects of the social progress of business, or may have a significant impact on them. CMPC people within who are assigned the Manual are: directors, managers, CEOs, and those that his office, position, activity or relationship with CMPC, have access to information, such as external auditors , investment banks, lawyers, among others.