CMPC will rebuild the houses of neighbors affected by the wildfires in the south of Chile

The wildfires that occurred during the first days of February in the southern area of Chile affected several communities, causing even the loss of some of the neighbors´ houses.

That is why – and seeking to replicate the project that CMPC has carried out in the town of Santa Olga, in Constitución, Maule region, since the catastrophe that occurred in 2017 and that includes the reconstruction of homes, neighborhood centers, an educational complex, among others- that the Company decided to contribute to the reconstruction of the affected areas such as the locations of Cholchol, Nueva Imperial and Carahue, all belonging to the Araucanía region.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of CMPC, Guillermo Turner, assured that “for the company the main concern will always be the neighbors of the properties where we operate. We will always seek in the first place for the people, their families, and their needs, so, seeing the excellent results we had in the reconstruction project in Santa, we want to give again hope to those who lost their homes in the fires of the last days “.