Bernarda talks about her experience in the new urban park in Nacimiento: “It’s what we needed in the municipality and something we are going to take great advantage of”

We Nacimentans identify with the more emblematic sites in the municipality, and from each location we direct visitors to yet other places” comments Ivette Peña, a neighbor in the area, she went on to say “the Fort, the path, where the shared taxis and tortoise go by”; they are all landmarks, but as of last Tuesday the list of typical haunts grew as it incorporated the Alessandri Nacimiento Park. 

And how could it not! In its first week open to the public this 5-hectare area was visited by close to 3 thousand residents that enjoyed the trails, plazas and the beautiful view from the lookout at the Park’s highest vantage point. 

“It’s what we needed in the municipality, and we are really going to take advantage of it, my nephews cried for joy that there were so many trees” says Bernarda Cid while resting in the shade of one of the many native trees in the park. 

In fact, it is the smallest members of the family that have been the protagonists in these last few days, as they have run and played in the playground and around the amphitheater. “I think it is really good that we now have a place like this for the children to play and get away from it all, so that we can all have a relaxing day out” comments Ivette who has visited the park every morning this past opening week with her daughter Antonia. 

 “It’s beautiful, all of this. I hope it stays the same for a very long time, such as we see it now. I’m taking pictures to share with my family so that they also come out to the Alessandri Nacimiento Park” adds Susana Reyes, a visitor that assures us she saw the opening advertised on television and felt encouraged to come. 

Entire families, groups of friends, couples, lone visitors also walked around the park located in the urban center of Nacimiento, about 37 kilometers from Los Angeles in the region of Biobio, and all of them commented how pretty and how comfortable it was as they left. 

“It was a long wait for those first days with visitors, but we are very happy, because the residents of Nacimiento have appropriated the park as their own, because it has become the main green area for meet ups, outdoor activities and family outings” states Maite Artiagoitia, Cultural Director of the CMPC Foundation, the institution charged with managing the premises. 

She added “we hope the Park becomes an asset and contributes to everyone in Nacimiento, and other municipalities in the region, as the enjoy the outdoors”.

“The fact it is so large helps greatly with recreational walks for the children, and gives us all a greater sense of safety in these times of the pandemic. The place is ideal for those who are just now daring to go out, and the fact it’s open to the whole community is even better” explains Rafael Ayala, who visited the park with his children over the weekend. 

The entrance to the Alessandri Nacimiento Park is at Arturo Alessandri 1060, and it is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. Entry is free for the general public and there is no need to make a reservation.

COVID-19 protocols require all visitors to wear masks, take their temperature at the entrance, and socially distance between groups. It is worth noting that last July, the Ministry of Health, in one of the many updates of the Step-by-Step Plan, has not included any numbers for maximum capacity in urban parks, and only recommends maintaining a minimal physical distance from others, and taking the necessary self-care precautions between visitors.