Angolinos sweep 10 categories at the CMPC UC Outdoor Festival in Santiago

A delegation of 24 athletes from clubs that include “Sendero Los Volcanes” from Curacautín, “Mountainbike Angol” and “Zorcat” also from Angol, as well as “Aventura” from Temuco. They competed in the CMPC UC Outdoor Festival, which brought the disciplines of trail running and mountain biking to the slopes of the San Carlos de Apoquindo hills in the Metropolitan Region.

An intense, challenging and highly entertaining day was had by all of the cyclists from the Araucanía Region who participated in the trail running and mountain biking events at the CMPC UC Outdoor Festival held in the San Carlos de Apoquindo hills.
The festival was organized by the Athletics Club of the Catholic University and CMPC. It offered circuits for children and adults with distances of 3, 5, 10, 21 and 42 kilometers in the Trail Run and 12, 27 and 36 kilometers in the MTB competitions.

Juan José Iturrieta was one of the mountain bike competitors from Angol. He biked 36K to take first place in the 19-29 year-old category and the second in the overall competition. “They were four very rough turns, and the heat was doing its thing. It was very hard because the ascents were very steep and the descents were also very difficult. Everything has been great. This is a mountain bike party. The invitation is greatly appreciated,” he said at the end of the tournament.

Claudio Verdugo participated in trail running and won first place in the 18-29 year-old category in 42k and fourth overall. “I thought it was a very good experience. I loved the geography it has and the difficulty level of the routes. The organization as a whole was super good; a hard route that was very entertaining,” he said.

Fernando Novoa also competed in the 42K in trail running and took second place in the 30-39 year-old category and third in the overall competition. “It was very hard challenge. The route was very stony and the sun was beating down hard, which is murderous for those of us from the south, but it was a very good experience. Running in Santiago is certainly excellent for getting acclimatized to various locations in Chile,” he said.

Carlos Crisóstomo participated in the trail running 10K, taking first place in the 18-29 year-oldd category and fourth overall. “It was a difficult experience, especially because of the heat and the trip here, but we got to experience a new environment and context, leaving our comfort zone to learn that we can run anywhere. It’s great to see so many people participating in sports,” he said.
The athletes from Araucanía recognized the commitment to athletics and expressed their thanks for participating in this sporting event whose slogan was “Leave your Green Footprint”, in which CMPC pledged to donate a native tree for each of the more than one thousand registered participants. The donated species include Ruil, Quillay, Hualo and Roble, and will be planted in Empedrado, Constitución, Temuco and Los Angeles in May 2023.

Furthermore, the route marking was done using 100% biodegradable paper tape dyed with watercolors in order to seal off the road without polluting the environment. This solution was developed by the CMPC Biopackaging Department to provide an alternative to the polyester and plastic markings that are commonly used in outdoor competitions.