1,200 runners are expected at the national Trail Running of the Nahuelbuta All In

The third annual competition will take place this Saturday, April 1 in the heart of the Nahuelbuta mountain range on the Junquillar property of CMPC located in the Acequias sector of Angol in the La Araucanía Region of Chile.

The discipline of trail running – racing on natural terrain – attracts new adherents all the time. Saturday, April 1st will be one of the sport’s most important dates nationwide, this time in the Angol District of the La Araucanía Region, its third annual competition.

It’s called the Nahuelbuta All In, and it’s expecting to draw more than 1,000 runners from different parts of the country as well as athletes from other parts of South America. The activity has 4 competitive distances; 60, 30, 17 and 9 kilometers. This year will also include a children’s 2 kilometer route for boys and girls aged 3 to 13. In total, 1,200 competitors of all ages will participate. Notably, children and adolescents from the primary and secondary schools of Angol will be there. They were invited in a bid to build more love of the sport and its connection to nature.

Felipe Aliste of ZORCAT, the event producer, reports that the activity brings together the best runners from Chile and some others from elsewhere in South America such as the Argentine Ezequiel Pauluzak, South American champion, and the Peruvian José Manuel Quispe, who holds a Trail World Championship top record. He added that, “We’ll serve as the cradle of the trail running national championship in coordination with the Athletic Federation of Chile, with the sponsorship of the CMPC company and the Municipality of Angol.”
This national competition will allow federated athletes to qualify for the 2024 World Cup in Austria, and the Nahuelbuta All In is now a top-tier event for both its production and the natural environment where the competition takes place.

Head of Community Relations at CMPC Angol Roberto Martínez said, “One of the company’s most important connections is the link with the community, especially when it comes to sports. This type of activity is part of our Living Forest project that is underway in the Acequias area and the Junquillar property where trail running and mountain biking are practiced.”

“It is important to note that CMPC has promoted the Living Forest initiative with the goal of turning the properties into a stage to promote an athletic culture and community life in which productive spaces, research, restoration and conservation areas can also coexist. Pumalal Park was inaugurated in Temuco in January 2023, and we expect that Junquillar Park in Angol will soon be inaugurated,” said Roberto Martínez.

Mayor of Angol Enrique Neira underscored the importance of the Nahuelbuta All In event. “This activity puts our municipality in the heart of sports world both domestically and internationally, while promoting tourism and boosting local entrepreneurs. Strategic alliances enable these kinds of events to be held, and the public-private alliance lets us truly provide an opportunity that responds to the demands for a sporting event of this nature.”

The runners will participate in four distances; 9k, 17k, 30k and 60k. For the first time, children will compete in a special children’s race with 85 runners aged 3 to 13 years old. The other participants are divided into six competition groups from 14 to more than 60 years old.

The competition starts at six in the morning, at which time about 90 runners will test themselves in the 60K, covering the 30 kilometer circuit twice over. The other distances that are part of this trail running will begin after that time.