February 1, 2021

Those entering this community in the Region of Biobío from the north access will now see the illuminated welcome sign, a joint project of the Municipality and CMPC.

 The new signage was built from 100% duly certified Radiata Pine wood donated by CMPC that was produced in the company plantations in the Bio Bio province.

 The piece has great structural integrity and is visually pleasing. Additionally, it was made sustainably and no solid waste was produced during construction and installation.

 Forest and Timber Operations Manager Eduardo Hernández said, “CMPC feels extremely proud of producing this piece. We used the most advanced technology available for wood construction, which we also used when building our offices situated behind this structure.”

 CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) provides excellent durability and beauty, thanks to the natural qualities of the wood. This technique is also called “the concrete of the future” made of fused sawn lumber to form layers that are connected perpendicularly to provide bidirectional structural rigidity.

 The initiative aims to generate a stronger community identity and fulfill the dreams of being a place for family recreation of residents and visitors.

 “Congratulations to the Municipality and CMPC for this lovely gesture that will identify our city. As an electricity supplier, we are providing the electrification to light up the letters and we’ll take on the associated energy cost,” said José Luis Neira, man of Coopelan (Los Ángeles Electricity Cooperative).

 Everyone involved in creating this iconic project appeared quite please with the accomplishment, since it is a concrete and tangible result in terms of building the city up for all inhabitants.

 “This is an iconic benchmark for us. It’s a dream we’ve had for many years. We’ve completed this project jointly between the private and public arenas. We must now maintain this space for our visitors. We are proud of the fact that this wood comes from our region made with cutting-edge technology, which makes all the difference between this and similar projects,” said Esteban Krause, Los Ángeles Mayor.

 If you haven’t yet seen the new city entrance city, come check it out and make sure to protect it so that it lasts a long time in perfect conditions.