Modern CMPC – Duoc UC Nacimiento campus opens its doors to the first cohort of students

The new campus will begin its academic year on March 6th with the first students enrolled in technical careers at the 3,500 square meter campus located in the district of Nacimiento in the Region of Biobío in south-central Chile.  The educational institution will provide greater access to education to the residents in the surrounding areas who won’t have to leave their homes to travel to big cities. 

With approximately 200 students, the modern Center for Vocational Technical Education “CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento Campus” will begin its first week of higher education with openings in six of the seven degree programs that will imparted at the Nacimiento location. The campus stands out not only for its modern architectural design, but also for having state-of-the-art classrooms, technological laboratories, a library, multi-court complex, amphitheater, cafeteria, and other resources. 

The Admission Coordination office at the CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento Campus has reported that some degree programs still have openings, namely Logistics Management Technician, People Management Technician, Administration Technicians, Computer Programmer Analyst, Electro-mechanical Maintenance Technician and Electrical and Industrial Automation Technician. The registration period has been extended until Friday, March 31st.

CMPC Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs Felipe Alveal highlighted the impact that these facilities will have in the area. “At CMPC we believe that it is essential to promote the development of residents and communities in the areas where we operate. That is why we are proud to be able to contribute in this way to Nacimiento and the surrounding communities with the first higher education institution in the area.   This will greatly contribute to all residents’ quality of life. Additionally, the academic offer of the campus includes degree programs of high employability that are closely linked to the productive activity in the area,” said Felipe Alveal.

Dual format and at no cost

The Professional Institute Duoc UC has more than 53 years of experience and has earned the maximum institutional accreditation of seven years. This distinction is granted by the National Commission of Accreditation (CNA in Spanish).  This means that students may qualify for an education that is free of charge. If the applicant’s family is part of the bottom 60% income range, they will not have to pay fees or tuition during their studies.

The educational format at the CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento Campus will be dual. In such a learning system, students interact in a real work environment from the very first semester so that they can learn about the productive dynamics of the company and acquire the precise skills that the industry requires.  

Ceputy director of the CMPC DuocUC Nacimiento Campus Pablo Briones said that the new building is already open to students. “We are already set up in the campus offices located at Avenida Julio Hemmelmann 200, answering various community questions that are generally related to the courses imparted in the degree programs, available benefits and the possibility of no-cost enrollment. In addition, we are still registering students of various ages from several communities who have decided to study at our campus,” he said.


Students who come from other areas will be able to make use of the buses to get to the Nacimiento campus and to return home.  There are three routes available:

Route 1:San Rosendo – Laja – Millantú – Santa Fe – Nacimiento (Bus carries about 40 passengers)

Route 2:Angol – Villa Mininco – Renaico – Negrete – Nacimiento (Bus carries about 40 passengers)

Route 3: Los Ángeles – Nacimiento (Minibus carries about 20 passengers)

Arrival time in Nacimiento: 8:30 AM for all buses 

Return time from Nacimiento: 6:00 PM for all buses.

This new educational institution means students won’t have to travel to large cities to pursue a higher education, a common obstacle among young people in the area seeking to fulfill their academic dreams. 

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