Mobile Clinic serves members of the Mateo Nahuelpan Mapuche Community

Under CMPC’s commitment to its neighbors, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the vans that provides health services and is part of the alliance between the company and Desafío Levantemos Chile, reached the Imperial River in La Araucanía region, to also explain how to prevent infections by the new virus.

On Wednesday June 24, one of the four Mobile Clinics that CMPC together with Desafío Levantemos Chile have in La Araucanía region to provide health services at people´s homes, began its journey from the Miraflores clinic in Temuco to the commune of Carahue in order to deliver medications and serve elderly neighbors.

One of the stops made by the van -equipped with personnel and medical instruments- was the Mateo Nahuelpan Mapuche community, located on the shore of the Imperial River and which is part of the Carahue Navigable river route.

There, the medical staff attended 16 members of the community, of different ages, checking their vital signs, creating medical records, and they taught them how to prevent coronavirus infections. 

Today, in La Araucanía, four Mobile Clinics are traveling through various communes, helping to decongest the public health services and helping people to avoid going there, thus helping to prevent coronavirus infections.