CMPC is recognized as the preferred environmental brand in Rio Grande do Sul for the fifth consecutive year

The company was highlighted in the category and won the award for the third consecutive year. 

On Tuesday (03/12), CMPC was recognized as the most remembered and preferred Environmental Brand by the people of Rio Grande do Sul in the 26th edition of ‘Marcas de Quem Decide’. The traditional award ceremony took place at the Sesi Theater in Porto Alegre. It highlighted the performance of the leading companies in Rio Grande do Sul, divided into different segments. The survey was conducted by IPO – Institute of Opinion Research, and for the 2024 edition, 400 entrepreneurs and executives were interviewed. In total, 76 groups were analyzed, covering 73 sectors of the state’s economy and three special categories.

This is the 5th time CMPC has won in the Environmental Brand segment and the 3rd consecutive time. The company has a special and committed approach to ensuring that its operations are in line with modern environmental practices. It’s a model where business goes hand in hand with social development and the creation of shared value, based on sustainable processes, the rational use of resources, and the adoption of renewable energy sources. These actions are presented through the company’s revised positioning, entitled ‘Viva o Natural’, which reinforces to the market how CMPC envisions its future actions.

“It is an honor to be recognized again with such a distinguished award like ‘Marcas de Quem Decide.’ “Our presence here represents how the people of Rio Grande do Sul acknowledge our efforts and appreciate the positive contributions we can make,” says Jailson Aquino, General Director of the Guaíba division. “Being the most remembered and preferred Environmental Brand reaffirms how committed we are to ensuring that our operations and processes respect all sustainable aspects. In this way, we aim to be a company that sets the standard for environmentally friendly practices,” he concluded.

CMPC’s main environmental initiative is BioCMPC, the largest sustainability project in Rio Grande do Sul. It is a global reference in the circular economy. The initiative includes the implementation of the Environmental Control Center and the decommissioning of the coal-fired boiler. Additionally, the company has global sustainability goals, including reducing water usage in industrial processes by 25% and becoming a zero-waste-to-landfill company by 2025. It also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and expand its conservation area to 100,000 hectares by 2030.

On the international arena, CMPC has also been recognized with several awards. In 2023, the company took the top spot in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and secured the 1st position in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability ranking. Additionally, the CMPC Group CEO, Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, was named CEO of the Year (2023) in Sustainability by the Council of the Americas. This year, Ruiz-Tagle was recognized as CEO of the Year (2024), this time by the Fastmarkets Forest Products PPI Awards. This also positions CMPC as a global leader in sustainability.