CMPC will donate 100 thousand meals in Bajos de Mena

Continuing with its commitment to the residents of the communes in which it has a presence, especially in the Puente Alto commune, where it has been present for 100 years and under the context of the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, CMPC will donate 100,000 lunches in the Bajo de Mena sector, preliminarily in a period of two weeks.

The contribution consists of food for 30 common pots that will distribute about 6 thousand daily meals to residents of the villages belonging to that sector.

Last Tuesday, August 18, the meals donated by CMPC began to be delivered, an instance that was attended by the CMPC Deputy Manager of Public Affairs, Francisco Torrealba, who in addition to visiting three common pots, helped to deliver the rations to the neighbors.

“In these five months of the pandemic in Chile, we have been able to learn that to overcome the health and economic crisis that has affected the country, the union and commitment of all is necessary. In this case, as a company present for 100 years in the Puente Alto commune, we want to help its neighbors with something so important to them, their food. Furthermore, in order to reactivate the local economy, CMPC bought food and gas for the common pots in small and medium local shops, contributing to the development of micro-entrepreneurs”, says Torrealba.

The donation was made together with the local communication platform La Vitrina TV, which through its director and reporter, Melyna Montes, is in charge of the organization of the common pots, such as the coordination with the suppliers, distributing the food to each village, among others.

According to Montes, “we are very grateful that a company like CMPC has thought about Bajos de Mena to help in this pandemic. We know that they have developed several other actions in Puente Alto, but Bajos de Mena is a place with many needs and this support for our 30 common pots, with almost 6 thousand meals a day, is very important and we thank them very much”.

CMPC Solidaria

In addition to the meals in Bajos de Mena, CMPC will support for two months with the daily delivery of food for meals that will be given to vulnerable neighbors and elder people in the Puente Alto commune, in the Metropolitan region.

The initiative seeks to help hundreds of families by delivering 200 daily meals, or a total of 12,000 lunches in the two months, of which 100 correspond to the common pot organized by the Unión y Progreso neighborhood council for their own neighbors; 50 are prepared by the small restaurant “Donde la tía” and will be delivered to elder people, and the other 50 will also be prepared by the Unión y Progreso neighborhood council but that will be distributed to homes in other locations in the commune.