CMPC leads the electric truck revolution in Brazil

With this new vehicle, the company’s pulp mill in Guaíba makes the company the first one in the nation to have an electricity-powered truck, which is particularly energy saving, especially when descending and braking.

Continuing with the modernization and adaptation of processes for the purposes of sustainability, CMPC is now positioned as a pioneering company in Brazil due to the implementation of a truck with electric auxiliary traction system. The Hybrid R, a Randon semi-trailer equipped with e-Sys technology from Suspensys, has an electric auxiliary traction system that saves energy, especially when descending and braking.

The vehicle was delivered to the company last Wednesday July 26 at an event held at the industrial pulp plant in Guaíba, Rio Grande do Sul, marking a milestone in the history of cargo transport in Brazil.

With the aim of promoting decarbonization and reducing fuel consumption by up to 20% during travel, the Guaíba Plant will employ the semi-trailer as a pilot project through a partnership with the Expresso Nepomuceno transport company. The truck’s route will run between the company’s São Gabriel and Guaíba facilities, both in Rio Grande do Sul.

“We are proud to announce an important partnership with Randon, which positions us as pioneers in Brazil by using a truck with an electric axle for transporting wood in Rio Grande do Sul. We can now increasingly position ourselves at the cutting edge in terms of sustainable logistics processes,” said CMPC Guaíba Plant Managing Director Mauricio Harger.