CMPC participated in IFORS 2023, the most important business analytics conference in the world

Through a stand displaying sustainable innovations based on cellulose and the exhibition of its own panel discussion on technology and operational efficiency, the Chilean company participated in the operational research event that brought together more than 900 people from all over the world.

The international conference on Operations Research was held from July 10 to 14 at the Faculty of Economy and Business of the University of Chile and at the Main Building of the Catholic University. The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) holds the event every three years. For the first time this century it was set in Latin America, based in Santiago de Chile.

More than 900 people from 60 countries participated in IFORS 2023 with the goal of sharing cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the field of operations research with Chilean and foreign speakers. They include Margaret Brandeau, an academic at Stanford University School of Engineering, Juan Carlos Muñoz, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications in Chile, Paolo Toth from the Università di Bologna and Andrés Weintraub, winner of the National Prize for Applied Sciences.

CMPC took part in this state-of-the-art analytical research meeting and participated in a panel on the company’s operational efficiency practices and the challenges facing the paper industry in the present, past and future.

The company’s advanced analytics program in industrial operations was presented during three talks given by experts from CMPC’s Digital Innovation department. The program aims to optimize and digitize CMPC plants. The company’s plant in Guaíba (Brazil), which has an end-to-end optimization of its processes, and the challenge of creating autonomous plants in the future were both discussed at the exhibition.

“Some time ago CMPC made the decision that optimizing its industrial processes through statistical and mathematical models was a priority for achieving its strategic objectives. Today we take another step on this path by connecting with the ecosystem through IFORS, the largest operations research conference in the world. This event lets us get in touch with the state of the art in terms of operational research while also demonstrating to the ecosystem that at CMPC, we are moving from theory into practice,” said Matías Jory, CMPC Digital Innovation Manager.

In addition, as the principal event sponsor, the company had a stand exhibiting cellulose-based innovations, such as a small-scale representation of a wooden building made entirely with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) with wood-wood joints by Niuform, a CMPC company that aims to revolutionize the construction industry through the use of high-tech wood.
CMPC Ventures -the company’s investment vehicle that works with the most significant innovation ecosystems in the world- was also involved with the stand to present products from national and international startups with which it has alliances. A few of these include the Norratex scarf made entirely of cellulose, the paper bottles made by Pulpex, Woamy foam that replaces expanded polystyrene, and the resilient structural slab that enables more construction with less material made out of wood by Strong by Form.

IFORS 2023

Organized by the Chilean Institute of Operations Research (ICHIO) and the Institute of Complex Engineering Systems (ISCI), the most important international business analytics conference in the world hosted the week-long event, welcoming more than 900 university researchers, key industry players, graduate students and professionals promoting analytics issues in various fields offering plenary sessions and more than 500 talks.

In this 23rd version based in Santiago de Chile, conference attendees had the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field, establish professional contacts and explore possible collaborations on research projects and practical applications from July 10 to 14.

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