A new cement sack has arrived to help fight construction’s waste problem

Construction industry pollution is a problem that keeps on growing. It is estimated that 35% of Chile’s solid waste is produced by construction and demolition. This figure is on the rise according to the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism, as it projects that by 2025 these could fill up the National Stadium 15 times over, reaching 7.4 million tons per year.

As a result, the Zero Waste Sack was created, a cement bag without precedent in Chile. Instead of turning into garbage, the packaging gets incorporated into the mixture directly into the mixing machine. This is a solution based on natural fiber produced by CMPC from renewable, certified and sustainable plantations.

In just seven minutes, the paper disintegrates thanks to the mechanical action of water, becoming another component of the concrete. After this process, the mixture is ready for use without generating any trash whatsoever. A bag that does not need any special treatment, either for storage or transport, and that offers an immediate solution for areas where a waste management system is needed.

This innovation is the result of an effort to offer sustainable packaging solutions driven by the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility Act, better known as the REP Act [Spanish acronym]. With Zero Waste Sack we naturally reduce waste, collaborating with the environment.