Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks visited the Field Hospital set up in the ex-offices of CMPC in southern Chile

Wanting to learn on person about the local situation due to the health crisis, last Friday the Undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, arrived to the Biobio province to visit the Field Hospital enabled in the former offices of CMPC in the city of Los Angeles, in southern Chile.
On the occasion the authority noted that “this field hospital emerges as clinical support within the framework of the pandemic and we see how an office facility was transformed into a real hospital. We are deeply grateful to the company because in addition to the manufacture of masks it made this field hospital available. This shows how well it does to citizens, to patients, to the country the combination between the public and the private”.
In this opportunity, the visit was made together with the Mayor of the Biobío region, Sergio Giacaman, who with the Undersecretary toured the facilities that were enabled to decongest the Assistance Complex Dr. Víctor Ríos Ruiz, during the pandemic of the Covid-19.
Since the Field Hospital opened its doors for its operation, it has received a total of 88 patients, currently having 23 people hospitalized in low and medium complex care.
Felipe Alveal, deputy manager of Public Affairs at CMPC Celulose, said that “this visit reaffirms our commitment to the community. We are happy to be part of the public-private partnerships that are going to benefit the neighbors of the province of Biobío and to be a contribution to this health crisis”.
The operation of the Field Hospital seeks to strengthen the public health care network and provide a timely and free response to all patients in the province of Biobío who require to complete medical treatment in closed care and benefits such as administration of oral and intravenous treatment , oxygen therapy, kinesiology, psychology and social worker care, hospital pharmacy service for storage and dispensing of medications in closed care, resuscitation room in case of users with life risk, procedure room, dead room, to transfer the body of transitory way and specialty consultation by telemedicine.