The CMPC Pumalal Park in Temuco celebrates its first anniversary with music and sports

Since opening, more than 20,000 people have visited the park for outdoor sports and hikes. Located 25 minutes from Temuco in the La Araucanía Region of Chile, it hosted various recreational and competitive activities in its first year of operation.

To celebrate its first year of existence, the CMPC Pumalal Park in the La Araucanía Region of Chile, held the “Pumalunch” event on Saturday, January 27. Attendees got to enjoy a live, open-air music show, hosted by DJ “Nicky” and the band “Matista” of Pucón. There were also activities for the little ones led by “Fit4kids”, who carried out children’s mountain bike competitions. Members of the “Community Prevention Network” from the Las Mariposas sector of Temuco also participated with an informational stand about fire prevention. 

CMPC Deputy Manager of Southern Relations Juan Pablo Fuentes explained that since opening up, the site has already had more than 20,000 visitors. “Opening our forests and plantations to families, tourists and sports communities that love and value nature is the motivation behind the Living Forest initiative promoted by CMPC. This was done in the La Araucanía Region by opening three new parks; Junquillar in Angol, Lastarria in Loncoche and Pumalal in Temuco,” he added.

Martín Flaño, Outlife coordinator of Bosque Vivo [Living Forest] invited the community to learn about the network of parks that CMPC has provided for all nature lovers. “We are very happy with how the activities were received, and transfered guests throughout the grounds to engage in downhill cycling and fun initiatives for the children. It was a very entertaining day, and we invite everyone to get to know the network of Bosque Vivo parks that CMPC has in southern Chile,” he said.

Eduardo Riveros, a visitor and local resident, appreciated the day and highlighted the first year of operation of this important green area of Temuco. “Participating throughout the year has been spectacular for me. I live in the area and going mountain biking is a wonderful challenge. Hiking of average level difficulty is also entertaining and the landscapes are amazing even in the rainy winter.”  

Abigail Seguel, a tourist from Valdivia in the Los Ríos Region, said she was pleasantly surprised by the three hiking trails. “It’s my first time in the city and in this beautiful park as well. I think it’s wonderful that these guided hiking opportunities are available with free snacks to boot. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people on well-kept, safe trails. I highly recommend coming with children.” 

Pumalal: a park open to the community

CMPC Pumalal Park, the first one in the Bosque Vivo network, is an initiative wherein CMPC has made more than 2,000 hectares of green areas available to different communities in the Araucanía Region and the country, to promote outdoor recreation, communing with nature and sports for the whole family. Just 25 minutes from Temuco, there are hiking and mountain bike trails, picnic areas, and spectacular viewpoints surrounded by flora and fauna that thousands of people take advantage of month after month to get in direct contact with nature. The park is open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Get more information on activities and panoramas via the park’s social networks; “Parque Bosque Vivo CMPC Pumalal” Facebook and Instagram.