The Carahue Navigable River Route in the Araucanía Region of Chile is geared up for a new summer season

With the backing of the Social Action Department of the Temuco Bishopric in the Araucanía Region, the Municipality of Carahue and CMPC, more than 20 local entrepreneurs are part of this route, where the Imperial River and the history of its people are the main attributes of an offering of high social and tourism importance that promises to continue delighting visitors.

This includes visiting the main tourist attractions in the area of Carahue in the Araucanía Region of Chile from the River Station, ranging from taking a boat ride along the Imperial River to enjoying the Creole gastronomy on an extensive island with rich biodiversity. These and other exciting activities can be done in the Region of La Araucanía thanks to the Carahue Navigable River Route, where the 2023-2024 summer season has just gotten underway.

The Carahue Navigable River project is a tourist trek that connects with the history of the great Imperial River through a set of services offered along its banks and in surrounding areas. The participation of local actors who live and work around the river in addition to the Municipality, the Department of Social Action (DAS) of the Diocese of Temuco and the CMPC company was decisive in building out this initiative into a larger tourism project. 

Being part of the territory means looking for ways to improve community development, which is CMPC’s intention. CMPC Deputy Manager of Southern Relations Juan Pablo Fuentes had this to say, “We’re just another neighbor here, so we want to be a change agent for local development. Carahue, Puerto Saavedra and Toltén are three communities with impressive scenic beauty, serving as veritable engines of tourism in the coastal area. We at CMPC wish to support each of those entrepreneurs who are bringing development to the territory and their families, leveraging resources so that they can continue working to ultimately boost tourism in the Region of La Araucanía.” 

Carahue Municipality Community Development Director Jorge Espinoza noted that the public-private link offers substantial support for community development. “For us, the principal method of strengthening this is precisely the virtuous link between CMPC, the focal point of the River Route and area entrepreneurs, as suggested by Mayor Alejandro Sáez. This relationship has not only served the enterprises that are directly connected to the river, but has also functioned as a backbone to grow and incorporate new ventures in Carahue, thus generating meaningful local tourism development.” 

Boosting local tourism

The joint work of the entrepreneurs, the municipality, the DAS and the forestry company, has been an essential tool for implementing the Carahue Navigable River project, which included the construction and installation of floating docks, signage and other equipment. In addition to training entrepreneurs to welcome tourists, tell the stories that highlight the area’s history, and promote the different services offered by the Carahue Navigable River Route, all these actions have made it possible to consolidate a vision of responsible tourism, along with other measures that have helped shape the development of this tourist destination. 

This coincides with what the tourism entrepreneurs in this community have expressed. Claudio San Martín, Carahue Navigable River Route President and owner of the Puerto Koüpo Lodge said, “There are 25 of us with businesses along this route; the best in the Carahue district working in conjunction with CMPC, the DAS of the Bishopric and the Carahue Municipality. We’re proud of the work we’ve done on the river route over the course of these five years. We hope to welcome everyone who wants to make this journey through the history of Carahue.” 

Within the wide range of tourist options in Carahue, the Mateo Nahuelpán community is known for its delicious cuisine, cabins, and advantageous location in between the Pacific Ocean and the Monkul Wetlands. María Laura Duarte from Paraguay just visited the “Monkul Newen Co” company located in the community of Carahue. She said, “The experience has been wonderful, and the weather is incredible, too. I love how the community works together, with only a total of 12 families here. Furthermore, the food is some of the tastiest we’ve tried so far, so we highly recommend it and can’t wait to come back.”  

Carahue is a charming city with a long history whose identity has always been intertwined with the Imperial River, the Mapuche people and railway travel. The Carahue Navigable River Route is a tourism project that blends the best of its history and local enterprises to strengthen the coastal sector in the Region of La Araucanía as a tourism hotspot. 

To get to Carahue from the north of Chile, take Route 5 South until reaching Temuco and then Route S-40. If coming in from the south of Chile, take Route S-282 and then Route S-46. All the information about the river route can be found at