The Central Brigade heads to the hills of Renca to prevent rural fires

There are historic hills that have lined the urban area behind the residents of the Renca neighborhood in the Metropolitan Region of Chile for over 100 years. In the pre-hispanic period this terrain was known for its beautiful landscapes and fertile soils. It was also a meeting place for many native communities living in adjacent areas.   

The agricultural nature of the area was pushed aside as the civil works to channel the Mapocho River were built. This pushed the farmers to retreat further up into the foothills. These days the urban environment shares space with the flora and fauna of the Renca community hills. 

However, because of the mega drought and high temperatures affecting the Metropolitan Region, the sclerophyll forests on the hills in this area are in danger. These local spots are set up for holding open-air activities, but they are at risk due to the threat of potential damage because of the abundant dry grasses.

This is why on Monday February 1st, the CMPC Central Brigade together with the Municipality of Renca visited the area to assess where the risk zones are with the potential for wildfires that could affect the housing, flora and fauna in the area. 

The Chico, Portezuelo and Colorado hills are the riskiest sections. Having done the analysis, the Central Brigade went to the Portezuelo Hill on Wednesday February 3rd to hold fire-prevention activities. They built 300 meters of firebreaks in the interface zones between the hills and neighboring houses. 

The Central Brigade will continue with their prevention efforts in other areas of the Renca community in upcoming days.