Press release

Regarding the ruling of the Supreme Court that partially granted the appeal filed by SCA Chile S.A.
revoking the CMPC Tissue S.A exemption from paying a fine:

1. As is of public knowledge, CMPC self-denounced and “provided an effective, truthful and
verifiable collaboration,” as the aforementioned lawsuit points out, due to the investigation
of collusion in the tissue market between 2000 and 2011.

2. Throughout this process, CMPC denied the existence of coercion, as confirmed by the
unanimity of the Free Competition Court in its 2017 ruling. We maintain our conviction in
this regard, despite the fact that we respect and accept the decision of the Supreme Court.

3. CMPC’s conduct during this entire process was not aimed at avoiding a penalty equivalent
to USD 15 million. On the contrary, CMPC reached an unprecedented agreement with the
Chilean Consumer Protection Agency Sernac (Servicio Nacional del Consumidor) for a
compensation of USD 150 million (10 times the amount of the above-mentioned sanction)
that was distributed to about 13 million people.

4. CMPC reiterates its apologies for facts that, as indicated by the Supreme Court, do not exent
any of the parties involved. We have taken substantive measures to prevent situations of
this nature from reoccurring, including the strengthening of control systems and permanent
training in free competition to all of our people who are part of the company