January 28, 2021

Wilma Levil owns this inn situated on the shores of the Imperial River along the Carahue Navigable River Route in the Region of La Araucanía, in Chile. She brings “energy, exuberance and vitality” to her work, transmitting the spirit of the area. 

Wilma Levil Carrillo who is now 35 years old, dreamt of seeing tourists arrive to the land of her birth – Nehuentúe – ever since she was a girl to take in the beauty of the terrain. She was raised in the area, specifically at Cullinco Bajo in kilometer 12 in the Region of La Araucanía, Chile. Wilma knew that the location of her business Omilén Antü (Rays of Sun) was the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty of this countryside. 

Having finished her high school education at the Liceo Comercial de Carahue, she began a technical program in management, which she left behind a few months later. Years went by, she married and had four children.

Searching for something else to study, she tried a number of subjects. Then in 2016 she completed a social work degree, which she has not used. That was the year that her professor’s words “big dreams, big results” began to make sense and spurred her on to start her own tourism business that has been open now for four years. 

“I was dreaming big. I wanted something different. I never thought of this as just a business. I wanted it to be a part of me, to provide warm and inviting service that attends to all the details. The goal is to get away from hectic lives, relax and feel inspired,” said Wilma.  

Her husband Osvaldo Arias decided to leave his job so he could support her in her business. Currently they both manage the services they offer at Omilen Antü Carahue. Their children help in different areas of the business where they can, welcoming guests or collecting firewood.


Her mark

Energy, exuberance and vitality are the key words Wilma uses to describe Omilén Antü, one of the businesses on the Carahue Navigable River Route along the Imperial River basin. 

An investment that had initially been planned for agricultural goals of the family ended up being used to build the first rental dome and hot tubs. This first step enabled Wilma and her family to continue the business. Two more pods or small cabins for two people were completed next in addition to a café.

From the very start, the family business aspect continues to guide the spirit of the venture. Providing lodging, recreation and relaxation services are the strong point to give guests the experience of enjoying a space where they can connect to nature and recharge their batteries.

“I love waking up every day and seeing our achievements, what we’ve built as a family. I’m motivated by the idea of creating welcoming spaces with lovely colors, designs and shapes. People’s warmth, how they appreciate the details, the steps we take and the nature surrounding us,” said Wilma. 

One of the future plans this entrepreneur would like to bring to life is creating an indigenous tourism hotel in order to attract more visitors to the area that can appreciate the culture and activities of the region. 

“I’m inspired being in my home every day with my children, my husband and seeing how much they value all the effort and sacrifice. We put a bit of ourselves into Omilen Antü Carahue every day.”