CMPC Maderas develops innovative wood products impregnated with ionized copper

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Using technological advances, new prefabrication systems and a series of processes that improve the performance of wood as a construction material, CMPC Maderas is continuously carrying out research, development and manufacturing tests for the production and distribution of plywood and sawn wood with micronized copper in Chile. Plywood, used for construction and furniture, is sold throughout the country, in Central America, which boasts the highest sales levels since the product was introduced there in December 2016, and even Australia.

Rough and brushed Radiata pine sawn wood and to a lesser extent, plywood, are impregnated with micronized copper salts to ensure key qualities and characteristics that expand the range of potential uses for these products in retail, logistics and industrial applications, which contribute to improving the quality of construction and architectural solutions. Impregnated materials are generally more durable, have better surface finish and a lighter color for easier painting and, most importantly, are environmentally friendly.

In addition to being structurally certified for construction use, CMPC’s impregnated wood is also resistant to humidity and less susceptible to mold and termite attacks, increasing its durability in a variety of environments and weather conditions for both interior and exterior use, as well as flooring.

The wood is kiln dried before and after the impregnation treatment, reaching a final humidity level below 19%, which ensures stable dimensions. The impregnation treatment with micronized copper is conducted via a vacuum pressure process with copper retention rates depending on the intended use of the final product, which could even be in harsher weather conditions. The most commonly used retention rates are of 1 and 2.4 kg of active particles /m3 according to existing guidelines (NCh 819, AWPA).

The product called Osmose MicroPro, which is used in the CMPC impregnation process, is the first technology to be certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) by the Scientific Certification System (SCC).