CMPC Conecta in Brazil: urban rehabilitation of the coastal areas of Guaíba

The citizens of Guaíba soon will take advantage of the fully revitalized lake shores of the Alegria and Alvorada’s balnearies. The urban spaces rehabilitation are close to the end , where new leisure areas, sports venues, pet spaces, new piers and, above all, more quality of life will be given to people, especially to the local residents.

The action is part of CMPC Conecta, a program created with the objective of enhancing the link between CMPC and its neighboring communities, bringing effective improvements and adding value to the city. The architectural and engineering projects were defined between CMPC, the Prosecuter’s Officey of Rio Grande do Sul, the State Environmental Protection Foundation Henrique Luis Roessler (FEPAM) and the community itself, which, through dialogue and meetings contributed with suggestions and exposed their needs and desires for the new urban spaces.

Final step

At Alvorada’s balneary, the new bike path, the pier and the access to boats are ready. To complete the renovation certain finishes are needed, such as paintings, tree planting, the installation of a gym and leisure equipments, among other final adjustments. The total renewal area is of 3,920 m². Also, the reconstructions of the new access to Marco Farroupilha, the revitalization of the Oxum cave, the urbanization of the pet area and another gym and leisure environments are being completed. At a second stage, tThe total renovation area  will be of 9,170m².

Daniel Ramos, director of Institutional Relations, Communication and Sustainability at CMPC in Brazil, emphasizes that the fact that the improvements are defined together with the communities allows the residents to create an even greater sense of belonging with the place where they live. “People are a key part of building these changes. The program CMPC Conecta, in addition to the increasingly strengthening our connection with the municipality, represents one of the 3 C’s of our corporate purpose, which consists  in ‘Coexist with our neighboring communities’, which means to leaving a positive legacy for the places where we operate. The transformation of spaces will be a milestone for the city, motivating local development through cultural and outdoor life activities on the lake shores”, pointed out Ramos.