June 3, 2020

The company has formalized the donations in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment and Sofofa, as well as with the Municipality of Santiago.

In the midst of the health crisis, the work of paper and cardboard individual collectors has been tested due to the need for new hygiene protocols, and the decrease in their income due to less recyclable materials. In fact, it is estimated that 35% to 45% has lowered the supply of used material because of the pandemic, according to data from the National Association of the Recycling Industry of Chile (ANIR).

That is why CMPC sought to collaborate with the paper and cardboard individual collectors, with whom it maintains a close relationship of several years through the Biopackaging business area.

Thus, the company made two donations through different entities.

First, on May 4, CMPC, together with the Ministry of the Environment and the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Sofofa), formalized a donation of 250 kits with hygiene and personal care products for individual collectors, including paper towels, tissue handkerchiefs, baby wipes and toilet paper.

The aim of the campaign is to give the boxes to at least 1,300 paper and cardboard individual collectors from all over Chile. The boxes will be gathered at the National Institute and then delivered to the entire country.

On the other hand, on May 23rd, CMPC compromised 250 kits with hygiene, personal care and protection products and boxes with food to all the paper and cardboard individual collectors that have a relationship with the Company through CMPC Biopackaging.

The contribution consisting of toilet paper, paper towels, tissue handkerchief, baby wipes, masks and surgical gloves, was handed in conjunction with the mayor of the Municipality of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, at the recycling station located at Parque de los Reyes.

The ceremony was attended by some of these individual collectors from different communes of the Metropolitan region who have been working hand in hand with CMPC for several years, and who received from the mayor Alessandri, and the manager of CMPC Biopackaging, Jorge Navarrete, the products previously mentioned.