January 14, 2019
The president of the board of CMPC, Luis Felipe Gazitúa; the CEO of CMPC Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, and the CEO of CMPC Tissue, Gonzalo Darraidou, officially announced, this Friday, January 11th, in Santiago, Chile, the unification, under the name of Softys, of all the denominations of its subsidiaries of the Tissue business in the eight countries where it maintains productive and commercial operations.
During the event were present the director of CMPC, Jorge Larraín Matte; the CEO of CMPC Packaging, Cristóbal Irarrázabal; the Finance manager of CMPC, Ignacio Goldsack; the Development manager of CMPC, José Antonio Correa; the advising manager of  CMPC, Luis Llanos; the Chief Legal Officer of CMPC, Rafael Cox; in addition to executives and employees of the Company. Also, senior executives highlighted the importance and representativeness of the decision.
“Today we take a new step to move forward with our history. We are dedicated to look at the possibilities in the countries where CMPC is present, and for that reason, we need to face the challenges in order to enhace the Company´s potencial. Today, what Softys reflects is the result of the 40 years of experience of CMPC and the commitment of an executive team that, always within the framework of the corporate guidelines, has been reacting quickly and creatively to the challenges of the market”, said Luis Felipe Gazitúa.
“This is part of CMPC’s decided expansion plan in the area of hygiene and sanitary papers and products, which included the recent inauguration of a new factory in Peru, the current construction of a new line in Argentina, in addition to commercial plans and the development in markets with high potential, such as Mexico and Brazil”, added Francisco Ruiz-Tagle.
The CEO of CMPC also highlighted that the unification of denominations of the subsidiaries – which to date operated under names such as Papelera del Plata (Argentina), Protisa (Peru), Absormex (Mexico) or Melhoramentos (Brazil) – as well as the the process of reorganizing the corporate administration of this business will reinforce the relevance of Softys in the markets where it maintains a presence, which will consolidate it as the leading operator in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay, and the second largest player in Latin America.
Also, the CEO of Softys, Gonzalo Darraidou added that this unification will consolidate a strategy that strengthens the different characteristics of this business, among them, the very expressive approach towards the final consumer. “In this sense, more than a change of name or image, what Softys represents is the result of a lot of work in this business, but which is now adapted to face the new challenges and generate a closer, innovative and modern personality” .
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