What are the clouds?

Who can do it?

  • Children 4 years and older.


-Markers, color pencils, paper and a cloudy day.

How do we do it?

  1. From the patio or a window have your child look at a section of the sky and choose a cloud.
  2.  Ask him/her to draw a quick picture of the sky and point to the location of his/her cloud on the picture by outlining it with one of the markers or colored pencils.
  3. As soon as he/she is done drawing, have him/her look at the same section of the sky again and draw another sketch.
  4. Have him/her compare the two sketches and ask him/her to make some observations about his/her cloud. Has it moved? Does it move slowly or fast? In which direction did it move? If you can’t locate your cloud in the second sketch, you can assume it moved through the sky very quickly. Ask him/her why he/she thinks the clouds move. Explain to him/her how the wind can move clouds, shake trees, their hair etc.