March 31, 2020

Simon Says, is a very popular game. With this kind of game children can develop social skills such as learning how to take turns. Kids develop language and social skills when they play to be the leader.

Who can play?
Children 3 years and older

What do we need?
Just space.

How do we do it?
To play this game, children must listen carefully, follow the instructions and then do the movements.


Let´s do what Simon says:
Me, Simon, am going to tell you what to do and I will show you.
Simon says, “hands up.”
(Raise your hands).
Simon says, “hands down”
(Put your hands down)
Simon says, “jump high.”
Simon says, “sit down”
Simon says, “stand up”
Simon says, “touch your nose”
Simon says, “turn around”
Simon says, “touch my back”
Simon says, “rest”

Now you are Simon and you tell me what to do….Do what your child tells you to do.

Let ́s play “Simon says” again.
Listen carefully. Now Simon will tell you many things together.
Simon says, “jump two time.”
Simon says, “sit down, stand up.”
Simon says, “put one foot up.”
Simon says, “dance.”
Simon says, “run to the door, touch it and return running.”
Simon says, “walk to the chair, sit down and put your hands together.”
Simon says, “come to your mom, hug her and kiss her.”