Playing in the circle

Who can do it? 

Children 3 years and older


What do we need?

Just space to move around, wool or rope of 4 meters long.  


How do we do it?

Draw on the floor a circle with the wool or rope (as big enough so your child can jump inside of it) and sing the folowing song with the “Frere Jacques” melody. 


Walking, walking.

Walking, walking.

Hop, hop, hop.

Hop, hop, hop.

Running, running, running.

Running, running, running.

Now we stop.  (Stretch your arms with your hands pointing to stop)  


On top, on top,

hop, hop, hop.

Turn to one side, turn to the other.

Now we sleep. (Put your head on your hands and close your eyes).


Now sing the song slowly and do the movements, and then do it faster and keep on changing the speed.