March 26, 2020

On this obstacle course children will perform activities such as jumping, running and crawling to reach the end of the stations


Who can do it?

-Children 3 years and older.


What do you need?


-Jumping rope, long rope or whool

-5 cardboard plates

-2 chairs and one broom 



Put the items distributed in 4 “stations” of the track, in the room or backyard or patio. 


Give the instructions to de child so he/she can:

-Dominate the ball 3 times

-Run to the rope and jump 5 times

-Crawl from there to the chairs and go under the broom you set across the chairs and do it to reach the next station.  

-Jump with both feet over the plates

-Run to the ball


Do it faster every time

If your child likes this activity, you can change the order of the obstacles.