This is CMPC

CMPC is a multinational corporation that has being delivering sustainable solutions to its customers and consumers for 100 years. The Company produces and markets wood, pulp, packaging products, household and non-household sanitary protection products, and tissue paper. Its products not only satisfy the needs of customers but are renowned for their quality and competitiveness and for being manufactured from entirely renewable sources.

Company operations are based on international partnerships contributing to the sustainability of the planet, the stimulation of local economies and positive impacts on adjacent communities.

In order to achieve its objectives, CMPC places emphasis on the following principles:

  • Recognizing the importance not only of strong trade relations with diversified global customers but also of being equipped with an integrated logistical network and a marketing structure oriented towards the customer
  • Promoting practices that favor free trade that would benefit customers and enable resources to be allocated efficiently to stimulate innovation
  • Providing comprehensive training for its employees to achieve a strong sense of identity, commitment and high performance in its work teams
  • Using the latest technology in its processes to facilitate the achievement of high safety standards offering protection to both individuals and the environment
  • Strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the countries in which it operates. Likewise, developing a corporate culture based on fulfilling verbal commitments, integrity, performance excellence and individual effort.
  • Rejecting child labor, forced labor or any other kind of discrimination
  • Advancing in its commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

CMPC in figures

100 years in existence

90.3% of own forest assets are certified for sustainable management

17.859direct collaborators

52.9%of the workers are Millennials

8countries with industrial operations

604 thousand tons of recycled paper and carboard per year

79%of the total energy self-generated includes a large portion of renewable non-conventional energy, with biomass as the main source.

325.995hectares areas for protection, conservation and restoration

CMPC is a global enterprise that produces and markets products derived from fibers originating from sustainable, certified plantations and recycled materials. The company's products include: wood products, pulp, paper for packaging and tissue products.

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