April 14, 2020

Children love to imitate what adults do. That is why when doing domestic tasks you can involve your kids so they can be entertained, get responsibilities, enjoy time together and learn from many areas.

Who can do it?

Children 18 months and older (they need to know how to walk)

What do we need?

Dishes, cutlery, napkins; clothespins, cloth for cleaning surfaces.

How do we do it?

Eating time: Ask your child to take the dishes, cutlery, etc. from the kitchen to the table. He/she can count the items.

Wash the dishes: Leave the cutlery and some small containers or tuppers for your kid to wash. Place a bench beside the sink so your kid can have a suitable height.

Hang clothes: Let your kid in charge of the clothespins and ask him/her to handle them for you or to keep them where they should go. Count the pins and name the colors of the clothes.

Separate and fold the clothes: Let your kid find the pairs of socks, fold them and put them in the drawers.